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The start of Wool & Hook

After a lifetime snowboarding, surfing, travelling and spending time immersed in nature, Nuria and Laia, sisters and founders of Wool&Hook, had a basic goal:
to create a business that will have a positive impact on the environment through the behaviours of individuals by promoting the art of handmade goods with high quality, small batch, eco-friendly materials.

The inspiration came from their Grandmothers’ passion for creating handmade products and their love for Spanish high quality yarns and fibres. This triggered the idea of importing these products and making them accessible around the world.

More than simply selling high-quality fibres, Nuria and Laia have the purpose of combining their passion for crochet, knitting and macrame art with their love for nature. From W&H, with every purchase, we help deforestation by planting trees in the most needed areas.

“No matter what you do in life, do it with a purpose, use your passion to create a positive impact”



Wool & Hook was born by the desire to share our passion for European high quality fibres and make it accessible for all the makers around the world.

We believe in only sourcing ethically made fabrics that demonstrate commitment and respect to our planet at a fair price for our customers. We are founded on the idea that, high quality ropes, yarns and wool shouldn’t be overpriced.

Our Mission

We would like to empower people who create products with character that are developed through environmental sustainable practices. We use Eco-friendly packaging from bio degradable, recycled material which reduces the waste of natural resources for production.

"By using recycled fabric you are not only giving a new life to the fabric waste, but also creating a path towards sustainable and zero waste practice"

The suppliers of W&H have been chosen carefully to ensure the best quality products and the most exclusive and unique colours. We are so confident that you will love them!