November 21, 2019

Knitting & Crochet are good for you!

Knitting & Crochet are good for you!

From Wool & Hook today we want to highlight the potential positive impact that knitting and crochet can have on your well-being. Knitting and crochet can result in not only a new scarf or sweater, but also create a relaxing atmosphere that gives you mental peace and tranquillity.

In addition of being fun, creative, and calming, knitting and crochet have numerous benefits in your health. According to new research by Knit For Peace, knitting & crochet actually improves your health.

Health benefits are both physical and mental including:

Reduces anxiety and makes your happier. The repetitive movement of knitting increased the knitter's mood, allowing you to just focus on creating and being able to ‘switch off’ and giving your mind a break, boosting motivation and a happier mood.
Reduce stress levels.According to a Harvard Medical School study, both hobbies can reduce the heart rate and induce an estate of calm similar to that of yoga. This can directly reduce your daily stress levels.
Increase social interaction with communities. Knitting and Crochet allows participants to build community and connection with others, by reducing isolation and leading to a better mental state.
Increase self-steam. Practicing a creative hobby, stimulates your brain and lets you overcome some challenges.By overcoming these tasks, you become more confident in yourself and this can be reflected in your daily life decisions.

Overall, Knitting and Crochet are way more than just hobbies, are activities that give a sense of purpose. From Wool & Hook we understand them as an un conventional way of caring for yourself and your body!

We truly believe in the therapeutic healing of creating as a way to balance your daily life, reduce stress, and accomplish some peaceful time for yourself!