November 21, 2019

Welcome to Wool & Hook

Welcome to Wool & Hook

We are very excited to introduce you to our new Blog & Website. This first post is a brief overview of the idea in which Wool and Hook was born and the values that we stand by.

What makes Wool & Hook stand out from the crowd.

While there are numerous online fibre stores that source ropes, yarns, or any type of fibres, we believe is hard to find a unique store that sources all the premium quality supplies that you need. It is even harder to find a fibre store that sources the products at affordable prices.

Wool& Hook stands by the idea of only sourcing ethically made ropes and yarns that demonstrate commitment and respect for the planet. It is for that reason that we can proudly say that we are a green business, committed to the environment. We use eco-friendly biodegradable packaging from recycled material, which reduces the waste of natural sources for production.

From W&H we want to empower people to create handmade pieces and to move away from the notion of mass scale production towards a production of purpose. We encourage you to try some of our products and to use them to create something fun and 100% unique. Welcome to the Wool&Hook community!